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Myung Martial Arts is a martial arts center not only teaching Taekwondo for children, adults, and families, but providing emphasis in respect, manners, and discipline. All while having lots of fun and encouraging children to be the best they can be! Taekwondo is proven to increase confidence, focus, and athleticism as well. Give your kids a fun environment and lifelong friendships they'll develop along the way, while they develop and learn new, profound skills!


We are a family-oriented martial arts center offering Taekwondo classes for adults, children, and families Taekwondo at Myung Martial Arts is taught as a defensive and competitive martial art where students develop skills in self-protection, mental agility and physical fitness. Our students improve reflexes, coordination, flexibility, speed, balance, endurance, and strength. Taekwondo students develop a sense of confidence that filters through all phases of their daily lives. Most importantly, Master Myung’s teaching emphasizes respect, manners, and discipline in his students through Dojang and comprehensive home rules. Respecting elders and instructors and taking responsibility for one’s actions are required to be a Myung Martial Arts student. Master Myung is most proud of his students who have worked hard to follow his instructions and have themselves become successful role models. Please explore this site to find out more about Myung Martial Arts or contact us at (618) 692-1111 for more information and appointments. You are welcome to observe a class in any of our sessions.

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