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The People of Myung Martial Arts

IMG_2134    Grand Master Hojung Myung

Master Hojung Myung, 7th degree black belt, has been teaching Taekwondo to his students in the Edwardsville-Glen Carbon area for 20 years. He has earned certifications for National Taekwondo Coach, Social Sports Instructor and National Taekwondo Referee.

He started Taekwondo at age 5 in his hometown of Pusan, South Korea. As a child he enjoyed many aspects of the sport, but he especially liked the relationships he forged with his instructor and student friends. As a young student, his talent and skill in Taekwondo was discovered while he competed at sparring tournaments.myung martial arts tae kwon do facility

After graduating middle school, he was honored to compete for the Korean National Taekwondo Championships and went on to win a number of national lightweight championships.

He has coached the college Taekwondo team at Yunse University and served South Korea President Roh Tae-woo as a presidential bodyguard. Master Myung was the Hallelujah Taekwondo Demonstration Team captain and is currently on the USATaekwondo Martial Arts Commission, is the US Referee Vice Chairman, and is the USATaekwondo Association for the Disabled Illinois President.myung martial arts tae kwon do facility

Master Myung instructs Taekwondo not only as a Korean Martial Art but as a way of life. He knows the importance of the relationships forged in Taekwondo and has dedicated himself to his students to help them achieve their goals.

The students of Myung Martial Arts can expect quality instruction as well as a safe, positive, empowering journey through their path to achieving their black belt and beyond.

myung martial arts tae kwon do facilityMaster Bill DeVries

Master Bill Devries, 4th degree black belt discovered taekwondo as a high school student and started studying full-time in early 2001 under Master Myung. He as an Associate’s degree in Applied Science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Empire State College division of the State University of New York. His weapons experience includes nunchakus, sword, staff and is currently studying Haedong Gumdo, a traditional Korean sword martial art. He and his family live in Edwardsville, and his daughter has also begun her journey of studying taekwondo.

myung martial arts tae kwon do facility    Mr. David Lilly, Instructor

Mr. David Lilly, 3rd degree black belt, is an instructor at Myung Martial Arts. He is currently a student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he is majoring in Marketing. He has been studying Taekwondo for over ten years.

IMG_1755     Mr. Joshua Myung, Instructor

Mr. Joshua Myung, 3rd degree black belt, is an instructor at Myung Martial Arts. He is a high honors student at Edwardsville High School and has been studying Taewondo since 2004.



Mr. Joseph Lanzante, Assistant Instructor/First Degree Black Belt




Mr. Brandon Battle, Junior Leader

Mr. Evan McCormick, Junior Leader

Mr. Evan McCormick, 1st degree black belt, is a junior leader at Myung Martial Arts. He is currently a student in the Edwardsville School District. He has been studying Taekwondo since 2014.

     Mr. Chase Gilliland, Junior Leader

Mr. Chase Gilliland, Second Degree black belt, is a Junior Leader at Myung Martial Arts. He has been a dedicated student since the age of 4 and really enjoys learning from Master Myung, Master DeVries, and his fellow students. Outside of Taekwondo, Chase participates in his schools’ robotics club, drama club and recycling club as well as plays team soccer with the Collinsville Soccer Association.

     Ms. Ashley Vaughn, Office Manager/First Degree Black Belt