myung martial arts tae kwon do facilityBuilt in 2004 Myung’s Martial Arts training facility is a state of the art customized building designed and owned by Master Myung. The needs of the students and the desires of the parents were incorporated into its design. The building is over 2000 square feet and includes a parent viewing area, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and the 1800 square foot workout facility. The workout area has a custom padded floor to protect the students. The workout area has been specially designed to eliminate ceiling supports that can reduce the usable workout area. Because of this the students can perform their forms without being impeded and tests can be conducted without distraction.

The ceilings are high enough to allow the students to practice nunchakus, staff, sword and high jumping kicks with out interference. Acoustic wall tiles have been put in place to eliminate the echo in this room so that students throughout the class can clearly hear the instructor. Mirrors are installed the length of the facility to aid the students observation of the instructor from all angles and aid the instructors to observe the students in the back rows. Multiple sizes of free standing kicking targets are provided for all ages of students to practice kicking during class.

myung martial arts tae kwon do facilityThe parent viewing area provides an unimpeded view of the training area for parents to watch their children’s progress. The school entry area includes the secretary desk where students sign into class and receive their monthly newsletters. The pictures of the instructors, assistant instructors and the students that have attained their first degree black bets are also proudly displayed in the entry area.